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Missio Dei

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Give A Week


Looking for a dynamic summer or spring break missions trip? Then come with us! Missio Dei has travelled all over the world to places like India, Ireland, and all over South America. Join us on a trip we already have scheduled, or allow us to customize a trip for your church or missions team.

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Give A Month


Our ONE month summer journey is perfect for rising juniors and seniors in high school who want more than just a week-long missions trip but might not be able to commit to a full school year. It is also perfect for Bible college students looking for a summer internship. Join us for a month and learn to embrace missions for a lifetime!

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Give A Year


Our students (called Journeymen) learn and embrace the ultimate Mission of God for one school year, telling people about Jesus Christ in a variety of missions contexts all over the nation while being radically discipled and taught in classes such as Evangelism, Missiology, and Apologetics.

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Who We Are

Missio Dei is a Latin expression meaning “The Mission of God.”

God’s mission is simple- reach people.

The Missio Dei School of Missions and Evangelism is our participation in this great  mission. We give high school graduates the opportunity to travel the country for an entire school year experiencing a wide variety of creative ministry outlets while being discipled and and trained to take the Mission of God into whatever career path God calls them. We also provide  opportunities for high school students to participate in short term mission trips as well as one month summer journeys- all for the purpose of raising up the next generation of people who want to reach a lost world for Jesus.

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Evangelist Mike Holt is the president of Mission of God Ministries and is the founder of Missio Dei.  Mike is also the author of Reach the City, a 40 Day personal growth and outreach campaign for the local church fueled by the 1,2,3 challenge! Through Missio Dei and Reach the City, thousands have come to Christ in a multitude of mission contexts. A gifted communicator, God has blessed Mike with the ability to connect with all ages through his passion, humor, and creativity. Mike and his wife Carla currently reside in Macon, GA, and have three children.

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