About Missio Dei


Who We Are

It was a normal afternoon when the Mormons came knocking on doors in Pastor Mike Holt’s neighborhood. Seeing their determination and willingness to go to such lengths for what they believed led to one simple revolutionary thought:

“What if we had people willing to do for the truth what others are willing to do for a lie?”

That simple thought evolved into the development of Missio Dei School of Missions and Evangelism in 2009 with an aim to equip young adults with everything they need to be life-long soul winners through hands on ministry experiences all over the nation.

Missio Dei  (pronounced Miss-ee-o Day) is a Latin expression which means the “mission of God.” The Bible shows us that God’s mission is to reach people.

In participation with this mission, we provide young adults with the opportunity to travel for one week, one month, or one year to be personally involved in the evangelization of lost people in a variety of missions contexts.

We believe in the development of the whole person in equipping them to carry the mission of God into whatever direction God leads them. We therefore have a strong focus on discipleship and through targeted classes, small groups, and regular one-on-one meetings with a member of the staff each Journeymen is given everything they need to live out their faith in an authentic and growing relationship with the Lord.

We also believe in not only encouraging believers to share their faith, but equipping them with all the means necessary to do so. When not on the road, our Journeymen take interactive classes in practical evangelism techniques, theology of missions and the Church, and getting answers to the tough questions about Christianity that a lost person might have.

Though the staff of Missio Dei hold credentials with the Assemblies of God and serve as Assemblies of God US Missionaries our students have come to Missio Dei from a variety of Christian denominational affiliations.

If you would like to know more about what Missio Dei and the Assemblies of God believe feel free to read through our Fundamental Truths.  

Want to experience what we do first hand? Mark your calendars for November 6-8 and sign-up for #Encounter15 for a weekend missions experience you will never forget!