Evangelism 101

In this session, learn all about, a 40-day personal growth and outreach campaign for the local church. Understand the 1-2-3 Challenge, the power of church wide unity, and how to successfully coach a church through the process of empowering believers to reach their community.

On a scale of 1-10, just how much do you truly understand what evangelism is all about and how inclined are you to share your faith? This session serves to define the eight dynamics of Biblical evangelism and serves as a starting point to sharing your faith.

This session will teach you to get a handle on the gospel-literally. Learn to share your faith on your five fingers, complete with Scriptures and illustrations to empower this easy to follow way of sharing your faith.

There is nothing more powerful than your testimony, but do you understand how to communicate what God has done in your life? Learn the two different formats of outlining your testimony and helpful tips to sharing it with an unchurched person.

One goal of personal outreach is learning to share your faith clearly. From basic communication skills to mastering the art of conversational flow, this session will equip you to present the gospel with simplicity, substance, and sincerity.

Learn the Biblical basis for relational ministry through the book of 1 and 2 Thessalonians. Understand the 6 Contexts of Evangelism and allow the Holy Spirit to cultivate a love in your heart for people.

Understands other methods of sharing your faith including:

  • Gospel on a Napkin
  • Evangelism Explosion
  • The role of the “law” in evangelism-Way of the Master
  • Prophetic Evangelism
  • Romans Road

Quick, everyday answers to some of the most common questions you will face.


Each week we will discuss one of these common apologetic questions in a lecture and discussion based setting.

Intro to Apologetics: What can it do? What can it not do?

  1. How Can I Trust the Bible?
    1. It is historically accurate
    2. It is God-inspired
    3. It contains essential truths for all people
  2. Why should I trust Jesus?
    1. The Gospels were telling the truth
    2. Jesus is who He said He was
  3. How Can I Know That God Exists?
    1. Miraculous Nature of Creation
    2. The Near Universal Experience of Mankind
    3. Complete inability to prove otherwise
  4. How Can God be True if Science/ Evolution Says Otherwise?
    1. What can science do
    2. What can’t science do
    3. What does science say?
  5. How Can There Be Such Thing As “Absolute Truth?”
    1. Relativism does not make logical sense (blind men and the elephant)
    2. Truth is more often that which we might not have chosen
  6. How Can a Religion that is Thousands of Years Old Be Relevant Today?
  7. How Can a Loving God Allow Evil/Pain?
    1. Explanation of Justice
    2. Explanation of Freewill
    3. The responsibility of God’s people
  8. If God Knows Everything Then How Can We Have Freewill?
    1. Foreknowledge does not equal causation
    2. Existence of things obviously contrary to God’s will as evidence for human free will
  9. How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell?
    1. Biblical defense for Hell as place of eternal punishment for those who do not know God
    2. Evidence of God’s many actions to keep His children from Hell without impeding on their freewill
    3. The responsibility of the Christian in regards to Hell
  10. If God Loves Me Just as I Am Then Why Do I Have To Change?
    1. The Nature of sin vs the nature of holiness
    2. “imago Dei” and God’s plan for humanity
    3. God’s role in our pursuit of holiness
  11. How can a Loving God be Homophobic?
    1. Biblical defense for the sinfulness of homosexuality and the hope of repentance
    2. Effective ministry to LGBTQ community
  12. How Can God be Loving and Merciful but Still Be Full of Wrath and Judgment?
  13. What Makes Christianity Any Different From Other Religions/Belief Systems? / How Can There be Only One Way to God?
    1. Failure of other belief systems to fully address problem of sin and provide an adequate solution
    2. Defense for universality of Christianity
  14. How Can God be Real When There Are So Many Hypocrites and the Church Has Done So Much Evil
  15. ?What is the Difference Between a “Born Again Christian” And A “Good Person” Who May or May Not Be a Churchgoer?
  16. Why Does God Hate Everything Fun?
    1. Defense for sin as fatally harmful
    2. Evidence for what God has done to bring true joy
  17. Why Can’t I Know God Without Adhering to “Organized Religion” or Being Overly Religious?
    1. Evidence for the institution of the church as being mandated by God
    2. Prerequisites to right living
  18. If God Loves Me Then Why Haven’t I Experienced Him?
    1. Evidence That God can be experienced throughout human condition
  19. How Can I Be a Christian if I Still Have Doubts?
  20. What About All of Those Who Haven’t Heard About Jesus?

Missiology 101

Until the Whole World Knows study will help us as believers understand that the missionary call is for all believers to reach out to all the world. We will be discovering our part in the plan near God’s heart. You will be inspired to embrace the Great Commission and make your own great commitment. Alicia said, “Starting well is exciting. Finishing well is eternal.” Good beginnings are connected good endings through a powerful word: commitment. John Bueno, executive director of the Assemblies of God World Missions, said this, “Commitment is what moves us, as believers, from Christ’s message to reach the world, to making it our life’s mission.” The missionary call is for all believers, young and old, rich and poor, and every people group. This study is saturated with passion and creativity. We will discover God’s missional heart for the entire world. Your mindset of reaching the lost will be challenged and transformed as we engage in this study. It has the ability to help shape your destiny and will encourage the plans and purposes God has for your life. As we take a look at life from God’s perspective, we will be challenged to be involved and see the Great Commission being fulfilled everywhere around us. So join me in this journey until the whole world knows about Jesus Christ.

Every major city and small ones in between are filled with cultural diversity. We need to better understand our neighbors and co-workers so we can be a witness to them. What do our neighbors believe? How can we tell them about Jesus in a way they would understand? Over a decade ago almost every a Christian encountered went to church—or at least knew he or she should. In the Bible-belt of the South, everyone goes to church—or at least says they do, when in reality they are doing good to show up at Easter and Christmas. America is growing and people are coming here from all around the world, looking for a better way of life. With the world at our doorsteps, we as evangelical Christians need to know how to understand people around us. In this study we will take a look at different world religions. We will seek to understand and know how to reach followers of Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Judaism, Secularism, The New Age and other world faiths as time allows. You will study the origin of the religion, basic beliefs, and evangelistic challenges and opportunities of major world religions. Two major questions we must ask ourselves: What do these people believe? How does it compare or contrast with Christianity? Join me in a study as we seek to understand other ethnic groups and be a light in a dark place to them.

John York has been a missionary in Africa for over 30 years. He is passionate about people understanding and being involved in God’s mission to reach and save the lost. In this study we will God’s desire to redeem and bless every nation on earth. Missio Dei, the mission of God, will be traced throughout this book in three ways:

  1. in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation
  2. in the Early Church and throughout the centuries
  3. in the missions tasks and responsibilities of today and in the future

Hopefully as we study Missions in the Age of the Spirit you will have a fresh new perspective and desire more than ever before to reach the los


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