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Missio Dei

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Looking for a dynamic summer or spring break missions trip? Then come with us! Missio Dei has travelled all over the world to places like India, Ireland, and all over South America. Join us on a trip we already have scheduled, or allow us to customize a trip for your church or missions team.

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Give A Month


Our ONE month summer journey is perfect for rising juniors and seniors in high school who want more than just a week-long missions trip but might not be able to commit to a full school year. It is also perfect for Bible college students looking for a summer internship. Join us for a month and learn to embrace missions for a lifetime!

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Give A Year


Our students (called Journeymen) learn and embrace the ultimate Mission of God for one school year, telling people about Jesus Christ in a variety of missions contexts all over the nation while being radically discipled and taught in classes such as Evangelism, Missiology, and Apologetics.

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Who We Are

Missio Dei is a Latin expression meaning “The Mission of God.”

God’s mission is simple- reach people.

The Missio Dei School of Missions and Evangelism is our participation in this great  mission. We give high school graduates the opportunity to travel the country for an entire school year experiencing a wide variety of creative ministry outlets while being discipled and and trained to take the Mission of God into whatever career path God calls them. We also provide  opportunities for high school students to participate in short term mission trips as well as one month summer journeys- all for the purpose of raising up the next generation of people who want to reach a lost world for Jesus.

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Evangelist Mike Holt is the president of Mission of God Ministries and is the founder of Missio Dei.  Mike is also the author of Reach the City, a 40 Day personal growth and outreach campaign for the local church fueled by the 1,2,3 challenge! Through Missio Dei and Reach the City, thousands have come to Christ in a multitude of mission contexts. A gifted communicator, God has blessed Mike with the ability to connect with all ages through his passion, humor, and creativity. Mike and his wife Carla currently reside in Macon, GA, and have three children.

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One Year


Give A Year

Imagine taking an entire school year of your life and dedicating it solely to God for His purposes while traveling the entire country sharing your faith with the lost world. The Missio Dei One Year Journey is for High School graduates who want to do just that and is designed to train and equip the next generation of soul winners by exposing our students, whom we call Journeymen, to almost every kind of ministry imaginable. Some places our Journeymen have ministered in include the Daytona 500, the streets of New Orleans during Mardi Gras, an Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona, the Super Bowl, several major colleges and universities, middle and high school assemblies and rallies, church plants, youth conventions, local kid’s outreaches, human trafficking awareness events, inner city ministries, a week overseas in places like Colombia, Ireland, and the Dominican Republic and much more. 

               When our Journeymen are not on the road they attend classes taught by our staff in areas such as Evangelism, Missiology, and Apologetics while being discipled in a community of like-minded young adults passionate about pursuing God’s will for their lives


Meet the Missio Dei Team

Mike Holt

Mike Holt Founder & President


Formerly a youth pastor, Master’s Commission director, and State Youth Alive missionary, Evangelist Mike Holt has a vision to empower young adults for the greatest missions movement the church has ever seen. He is convicted that Christians must do for the truth what others will do for a lie. From this core value, he launched the Mission of God School of Evangelism in 2009. The Mission of God, Missio Dei, is a missions tour for young adults, where he challenges young people to give a year for missions, but pray for a lifetime! He is also the President of Global Go, a short-term missions experience for all age brackets in the missions context.

A gifted communicator, his preaching is marked by a spirit of revival and passion combined with humor and creativity. He believes in the altar, and seeing the power of the Holy Spirit manifest in the lives of believers. He and his wife Carla currently reside in Macon, GA, and have three children. Their life dream is to empower a generation of soul winners for the largest and most strategic move of evangelism the church has ever seen.

Kyle and Casey Semple

Kyle and Casey Semple Staff Discipler

Kyle and Casey started out as journeymen during the pilot year of Missio Dei and now serve in a discipleship, teaching and administrative role within the ministry. They lead a regular kid’s outreach called Kidz Kraze that brings the Gospel to local kids in a fun and energetic way right in their own backyard. They have a huge heart for raising up the next generation of soul winners through Missio Dei and the development of Reach the City and teach a weekly class on Apologetics to empower the journeymen with the tools they need to defend their faith and share it with others.

Kyle blogs about life and the pursuit of God at Its That Semple and about creative ways to share our faith at Interacting With Humans

Skyler Cole

Skyler Cole Staff Discipler

Skyler Cole traveled with us many years ago for the first Summer Tour we hosted in 2011. Since then he has earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Preaching from Central Bible College and we are happy to have him back to join the staff. During that Summer Tour he had the opportunity to be a camp counselor for the first time and developed a heart for discipleship. His passion is to help others in developing their personal lives as well as their walk with God.

Jessica Riner

Jessica Riner Director of Missions

At the age of 17, Jessica was called into the ministry. She received a B.A. in Church Ministries with a concentration in Missions from Southeastern University. For 9 years Jessica served as a youth pastor in Soperton, GA. She also served as one of the sectional youth representatives for GA. Jessica has been actively involved serving missionaries at home and abroad for the past 16 years. In 2010, God opened the door for her to become the Missions Director for Mission of God Ministries in Macon, GA. In December of 2011 Jessica began a new journey in marriage to Ken Riner. Jessica and Ken are passionate about linking arms with pastors and missionaries across America and around the world to see the Kingdom of God advance.


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Grow as you Go


The Missio Dei ONE year Journey is designed for individuals between the ages of 18 and 22 who desire to be used by God in fulfilling the Great Commission in whatever direction God calls them- whether full time ministry, college, or the work-force.

Our students are called “Journeymen” because we fully believe that GOING into all the world to make disciples is the best way to ensure that you are GROWING in your relationship with God. We provide an atmosphere for each Journeymen to discover God’s call on their life and begin to take steps toward reaching that call as they are personally involved in the evangelization of thousands of people all over the nation and even the world.

While at home, the Journeymen are radically discipled in a community of like-minded believers and trained in such topics as evangelism, missiology, and apologetics as well as ministry training related to specific ministry contexts.

Upon completion of a year at Missio Dei, each Journeymen will have finished half of the first level of credentialing courses with the Assemblies of God and have built a solid foundation for their faith that will be with them the rest of their lives.

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I could go on for days about what God has done in me these last five years, how I have grown and been discipled, and how much fun it has all been but the reality is that the best part of Missio Dei is the amount of people we have had the opportunity to reach in the process.

Kyle (staff and former journeymen) staff and former journeymen

This year was not what I expected but was exactly what I needed. God met me in ways that I didn’t even know I needed. I thought my relationship to God was totally OK but now I have a whole new hunger and desire for God that I have never had before.


It was just phenomenal what God did. He is ministering to me while I go out and minister to others.


Staff Discipler

Invest in the Next Generation

Staff Discipler


Staff Disciplers lead our Journeymen on missions tours!

The staff discipler is a role vitally essential to the success of Missio Dei and is intended to be fulfilled by college graduates who feel called to ministry with a strong emphasis in missions and evangelism. They must have a passion for mentoring and role modeling a Christ centered life in everything they do in order to serve and be an example to the journeymen they serve.

The staff discipler position is very flexible in its definition and ultimately serves the ministry and staff of Mission of God ministries in whatever capacity deemed necessary. Essentially, the staff discipler is responsible for maintaining a healthy spiritual environment both at “home” and “abroad” for the journeymen to grow in their walk with the Lord and in their relationship to the staff, their fellow journeymen, and the ministry to which they are responsible.

This includes but is not limited to:

-Handling the logistics of traveling with the team under the direction of the Executive staff and driving the journeymen in the ministry vans to the various ministry locations. The Staff Discipler becomes the point person between the missionary or church we are working with and the journeymen.

-Building personal relationships with the Journeymen in order to mentor them to growth, hold them accountable in whatever area they might be struggling, and better intercede for their needs.

-Lead regular small group discussions and Bible studies both at home and in the office setting for corporate teaching and accountability. There also may be opportunities for the Staff Discipler to preach chapel services and teach a class.

-Maintain a community within the Team while traveling as well as address any issue which may prevent the journeymen from performing their designated ministry task whether spiritual, relational, or otherwise.

-Assist in some of the many administrative tasks involved in the health of Missio Dei.

Staff Disciplers must raise support prior to joining our team to cover the cost of housing, food, and travel. The amount required is determined on a case by case basis.

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